Sexual assaults in the US military at record highs

Sexual assault in the US military at record levels

The number of sexual assaults reported in 2021 increased by 13% from the previous year.

The number of sexual assaults in the US military rebounded 13% year on year to record highs in 2021, after briefly stabilizing, according to an annual Pentagon report released Thursday.

< p class="e-p">According to this report from the Defense Department's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Bureau (SAPR), the number of sexual assaults and crimes brought to the attention of military authorities has increased is established last year at 8866, compared to 7816 cases reported in 2020.

But only a small proportion of sexual assaults ever come to the attention of military authorities and, according to a wider investigation by SAPR, nearly 36,000 servicemen were allegedly subjected to unwanted sexual contact – ranging from fondling to rape – during the war. x27; fiscal year ended March 2021, an increase of no less than 35%.

Based on these numbers, SAPR calculated what it calls a prevalence rate to assess the percentage of service members who have experienced sexual assault, whether they have reported it or not. This rate reaches 8.4% for women and 1.5% for men in 2021.

These figures are tragic, and extremely disappointing, commented Beth Foster, director of the office U.S. Forces Welfare Officer, noting that this is the highest prevalence rate ever assessed among women.

It was in the army that the number of reports increased most markedly in 2020 (+26%), while it increased by 19.2% in the navy, and by 2 % in the Air Force and Marine Corps.

This report demonstrates with terrible precision that sexual assault and sexual harassment remain serious problems. persistent and destructive to our soldiers, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin commented in a message to military command.

These figures underline the importance and the urgency of our work, added Mr. Austin, who, shortly after taking over as head of the Pentagon last year, appointed an independent commission to submit to him suggestions for perpetrators of sexual violence in the military to be prosecuted more effectively.

The commission had concluded that removing from the military hierarchy the decision whether or not to prosecute the perpetrators of sexual violence was the only solution to stem the phenomenon.

US President Joe Biden therefore launched in January a reform of military justice to make sexual violence in the country. armed a crime and no longer just a misdemeanor.

Sexual assault, domestic violence and assault on minors will now be tried before a court martial and the decision to prosecute the perpetrators will be entrusted to prosecutors specialized and no longer to the chain of com mandate.

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