Sexual misconduct: Minister of Sport wants change at Hockey Canada

Sexual misconduct: Sports Minister wants change at Hockey Canada

Sport Minister Pascale St-Onge says it's time for Hockey Canada executives to ask themselves if they are the right people for the job.

Federal Sports Minister Pascale St-Onge keeps up the pressure and calls for 'change' at Hockey Canada amid growing calls for the resignation of the leaders of this entangled organization in a sexual misconduct scandal.

Interviewed on The House, of CBC News, Ms. St-Onge said she was horrified by the details of a video a man said he watched that showed an alleged 2003 gang sexual assault involving hockey players from the World Juniors of that same year.

I am as concerned as all Canadians […] So are my fellow parliamentarians […]. [Several people] have asked that the board of directors resign and that the directors resign [too], said Pascale St-Onge.

“There has to be a change within the organization. »

— Pascale St-Onge, Federal Sports Minister

At some point, they [Hockey Canada officials] also have to look at themselves…Are they the right people to implement the change Canadians are asking for? They have to take responsibility for what is happening within their own organization and so far that has not been enough, the minister said.

A man who says he viewed the video told CBC News that he recently provided police with the names of two players he recognized in the footage. These have made careers in the NHL.

He said the video showed the two players entering a hotel room where about six other players were standing, naked while masturbating, around a heavily intoxicated woman. It is extremely disturbing and horrifying, said Minister St-Onge. I think it's quite clear that there are issues within the sport.

Police are investigating three alleged gang sexual assaults by former junior hockey players. These acts allegedly took place between 2003 and 2018, but none of these allegations have been proven in court.

Marnie McBean says her offer to serve on a Hockey Canada oversight committee was withdrawn after she lobbied for a leadership change.

This raises extremely concerning questions about what happens during the post-tournament celebration, Ms. St-Onge said.

How are these players educated about sexual violence, the consent and all these topics that we [currently] talk about in society, she wondered again.

For the Minister, there is no doubt: Hockey Canada must recognize the depth of the problem.

So far, only one Hockey Canada executive – Chairman of the Board Michael Brind Amour – has resigned.

Champion Marnie McBean has confirmed to CBC News that a crisis management firm hired by Hockey Canada shut her out of a watchdog group because she made it clear she wanted the officers be removed from their positions.

Ms. funded by the government are independent. But she added that the organization must look closely at itself and take responsibility for what happened.

The House of Commons committee which is holding public hearings into Hockey Canada's handling of sexual assault allegations will resume in September.

Based on text by Ashley Burke, CBC News

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