Shirma Rouse shares stunning photo of metamorphosis

Shirma Rouse shares stunning photo of metamorphosis

2019 vs 2021! I got this photo from the left as a reminder on Facebook. The photo on the right was last week!’ the singer writes happily at the post below.

‘Change isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it! I am grateful for my mental, spiritual and physical growth. One ‘work in progress‘! Takes a while, but Rome wasn’t built in a day,’ concludes Shirma.

Many followers think it’s a wonderful achievement and let them know in the comments: ‘What strength & dedication! Inspiration for so many others’, ‘Wow, looking good!’, ‘Respect dear’ and ‘Beautifully beautiful’, they say.

Shirma has been losing weight for over two years now. At the end of May, she candidly said that she is proud of what she has already achieved, but that she is ‘far from done’. Although she has already lost more than 60 kilos, she was never unhappy with her own body: “It was not about the scales for me, but more about the question: where am I actually, in life?” The tipping point came when her niece was born. “I thought: I want to be able to do everything with her. I want to be able to run with her.”

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