Shmygal: Russia destroyed almost half of Ukraine's energy system

Shmyhal: Russia destroyed almost half of Ukraine's energy system

As a result of massive missile strikes from Russia, almost half of the energy system of Ukraine was disabled. This was stated by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, Ukrinform reports.

According to him, Russia continues missile strikes on the civilian critical infrastructure of Ukraine, fighting against the civilian population and depriving them of light, water supply, heat and communications during the winter . On November 15, the Russian Federation launched the most massive missile attack on Ukraine, firing about 100 missiles. As a result of the shelling, almost half of the country's energy system was damaged.

The head of government added that in the current conditions, Ukraine needs additional support from European partners both in the energy sector, the supply of additional equipment, and additional financial resources for the purchase of additional volumes of gas and also for greater support of the energy sector.

Shmyhal also noted that next week Ukraine expects to receive 2.5 billion euros of macro-financial assistance from the EU.

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