“Shooting of the occupiers”: NYT confirmed the authenticity of the video, but did not establish what actually happened

The American newspaper The New York Times confirmed the authenticity of the videos, in which allegedly the Ukrainian military shot the Russians, who, under the guise of surrender, opened fire. Under what circumstances were the invaders killed — could not be established.

Medical expert Rohini Haar notes that the Russians were shot in the head at close range. In turn, war crimes expert Iva Vukusich draws attention to the fact that the actions of the Ukrainian military could be lawful, since it is impossible to establish from the videos whether the prisoners were killed during the shootout or executed after the ceasefire.

So, the actions of the last Russian occupier who opened fire can be regarded as «treachery», since the Geneva Convention prohibits imitating surrender in order to shoot at the enemy.

  • Videos about which in question began circulating on social media in mid-November. In the first video, the Ukrainian military takes a group of people dressed in Russian uniforms prisoner in the courtyard of a residential building. The video cuts off abruptly as another person enters the frame and a gunshot-like sound is heard. The second footage, probably filmed from a drone over the same location, shows the bodies of 12 occupiers. What happened between the two videos is unknown.

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