Shy’m “almost nine months pregnant”: pictures of her big belly

On Instagram, Shy’m posted new photos of her baby bump on Monday, December 21, 2020. The expectant mother is preparing to give birth in the following days: her pregnancy is “almost” at term.
Shy’m just might have a baby for Christmas! On Instagram, the singer said she would soon be nine months pregnant. To prove it, she posted new photos of her very rounded belly on Monday, December 21, 2020. In these photos from the set of the clip for Ensemble , we see her wearing a very large peach-colored shirt which nicely emphasizes the curve of her belly.

The day before, Shy’m was delighted to find comfortable clothes suitable for her pregnancy. “ Getting to be pretty & comfy at almost #enceintedeneufmois, it’s not easy! ”, She commented, in French. When she first revealed her pregnancy – in the Boy clip last October – Shy’m explained that the birth of her baby boy was scheduled for early 2021.

Like more and more parents, Shy’m has decided not to raise her child according to gender codes . Thus, we escape the blue room, traditional and boring, and the toys of motorcycles and other firefighters that go with it. ” No pink, no blue, no gender. Just a garden of color, love, flowers and impatience,” she explained on Instagram, while revealing the baby’s room, lined with a vegetable wallpaper.

Instead of choosing between making an album and having a baby , Shy’m preferred to do both. You might as well take full advantage of these long weeks of confinement. ” There, the planets aligned, at the right time, with the right person. I welcome this news with a lot, a lot of happiness (…) I needed to leave him something that he will listen to in several years. ” she confided toPurecharts about his son and his album, 222 days.

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