Singer MONATIK turned to war in the art project “Buremni Virshi”

The singer MONATIK turned to war in the art project "Buremni vіrshi"

Singer Dima Monatik (MONATIK) and actress Elena Kravets have joined Pavel Shilko's art project Stormy Winds, where celebrities recite poems created by poets during Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine. The works were set to music and published on Youtube.

Thus, MONATIK voiced his author's poem “I have lost more than a day in me”, written under the influence of feelings and experiences caused by this war. In it, the author refers to the war as to a person with whom he has a difficult conversation.

“Go away! Bo ti is not so scary.

Today, ahead of those days that we are given new fates, I will laugh

I will remember my smile. Guess the habits. Ovі dream and in reality.

Docks are quite near the deep waters as you know self-sufficiency…

It's time for you to drink. Go get out!

Look what you've taken from me! What have you done!”

MONATIK singer turned to war in the art project "Stormstorms"

In the voice of the star of the Kvartal 95 studio Elena Kravets, you can hear the work of volunteer Lala Tarapakina, who at the time of the Russian invasion lived in a village near the airfield in Gostomel, worked in Chernobyl and took care of her mother in Irpin. The village was instantly occupied, and a rocket hit my mother's house. Emotions from what is happening around and prompted me to write a verse published later on Facebook.

MONATIK singer turned to war in the art project "Stormstorms"

For the first time, the project included a video poem in English performed by Scot Mackenzie, who has been working and living with his family in Kyiv for 30 years. According to the man, Ukraine has long become his native and second homeland. Therefore, he decided to dedicate this poem to the country he has long loved as his own.

MONATIK the singer turned to war in the art project "Stormstorms"

Producer of the project Pavlo Shilko read out the author's English-language poem “I want rain”, written in April to the sound of an air raid siren.

MONATIK singer turned to war in the art project "Stormstorms"

What kind of project

“Buremni vіrshi” is a project of TV presenter and producer Pavel Shilko, inspired by the poem “I am quiet, who checks my eyes before the battle” by singer Vasily Logaya. Shilko turned to the Ukrainians with a request to send him their poems written in difficult times, and later offered to voice them to famous Ukrainians. Among those who took part in the project: Masha Efrosinina, Vladimir Ostapchuk and Oleg Panyuta. Alla Mazur, Artem Pivovarov, Pavlo Zibrov.

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