Skibitsky: A new wave of mobilization in the Russian Federation will not help, but only deplete it

Skibitsky: A new wave of mobilization in the Russian Federation will not help, but will only deplete it

Russia is ready to start another wave of mobilization, but the replenishment of the invaders' army with manpower will not have a decisive influence on the situation at the front and will only lead to even greater depletion of the aggressor country. This was stated by Deputy Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadym Skibitsky in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

«Everything is ready. There are personnel, the lists are ready, the people who are entrusted with recruiting and training the mobilized are in readiness», — Skibitsky said.

However, if the Russians dare a new round of mobilization, they will face the same problems as during the previous wave, including a lack of modern weapons and equipment and officers, he said. capable of teaching a huge mass of unprepared mobilized for combat operations.

«They (Russians – ed.) Are preparing for the second wave of mobilization, but we believe that they will delay it because they do not overcame all the difficulties discovered during the first wave. They weren't ready for such a massive mobilization then, and they aren't ready now,” a military intelligence official said.

  • Danilov said the Russians had already launched a “big offensive” but have big problems with it.

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