Soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine compared the battles with PMC “Wagner” near Bakhmut with zombie horror

Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier compared battles with Wagner PMC near Bakhmut with zombie horror

PMC «Wagner» near Bakhmut, he sends recruited prisoners into attacks until the Ukrainian soldiers run out of ammunition, and when wounded, attack aircraft behave as if they were under the influence of drugs. This was told to CNN by a member of the Armed Forces of Ukraine named Andrei.

He describes the battles with the Wagnerians as a frightening and surreal experience, similar to scenes from zombie films.

“Our machine gunner almost went crazy shooting at them (Wagnerians & # 8212; ed.). He said: I know that I hit him, but he does not fall. After some time, apparently, when he bled out, he fell. They climb on the corpses of their comrades, step on them,” the military said.

In his opinion, the Wagnerians are “very likely to take drugs before the attack.” Andrey said that PMC «Wagner» throws teams of about ten untrained, ill-equipped prisoners into frontal assaults to force survivors under UAF fire to walk 30 meters and dig in.

Next comes a new group advancing a few tens of meters. When the prisoner offensive is exhausted or overwhelmed, the Wagnerians throw in more experienced fighters, often from the flanks, to capture the Ukrainian positions. The military noted that one of these attacks lasted about 10 hours.

“It was not just waves, it was continuous. It was as if they never stopped coming,” the soldier explained.

He added that the Ukrainians’ machine guns heated up so much from continuous firing that they had to be constantly changed. During one of the battles, Andriy with several colleagues fell into a dense environment of the Wagnerites, they ran out of ammunition, but in the evening the mercenaries retreated.

According to CNN, the story of the Ukrainian military is confirmed by Ukrainian intelligence data on the methods of warfare that they use Wagnerites. According to an intelligence report received by the TV channel, after the PMC forces manage to get into position, artillery support follows, allowing the mercenaries to dig trenches and gain a foothold.

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