Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the deputy chief of staff of PMC “Wagner”

AFU soldiers destroyed the deputy chief of staff of Wagner PMC

Fighters of the Ukrainian special forces «Hort» during a combat mission, the deputy chief of staff of PMC mercenaries «Wagner» was eliminated. The special unit reports this on Facebook.

«During a combat mission, the soldiers of our special unit in close combat encountered a group of militants from the infamous Prigozhin PMC «Wagner». Combat contact sent the entire enemy group to hell. Among the 200th Wagnerites, the deputy chief of staff» was identified, the report says. the weapon of the liquidated occupier is AK-12. In «Horth» noted that this assault rifle was adopted by the enemy army in 2018.

  • The Wagner PMC recruits patients with HIV and hepatitis from prisons en masse. They are marked with special bracelets.

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