Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “trophied” the station of ground reconnaissance of the Russians

UAF soldiers

Fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine «trophied or» Russian modern portable ground reconnaissance station Credo-M1. This is reported by the operational command «South».

The Credo-M1 portable ground reconnaissance station provides color coding of targets, input of a digital map of the area, formation of control lines and prohibited zones, as well as automatic signaling anxiety when they are violated. Credo-M1 has been in service with the Russian Federation since 2002 and has been spotted in the Donbas more than once since 2014.

Credo-M1 provides automatic detection and determination of the coordinates of moving ground, air and surface targets and correction artillery fire at any time of the day and season – in fog, rain, snowstorms, smoke.

With the help of this station, combat vehicles, for example, armored personnel carriers or tanks, are determined at distances up to 16 km, people – 7-8 km, a truck – up to 32 km, an artillery shell gap – up to 5 km. The complex weighs 51 kg.

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