Sonic the Hedgehog voice actor assures fans he’s here to stay

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During the last day, a rumor emerged that the return of Roger Craig Smith as the Sonic the Hedgehog The voice actor would be exceptional.

It is derived from comments made by Super monkey ball announcer Brian Maa-Uhl in a recent YouTube question and answer session, which are open for interpretation. During the live broadcast, he noticed how the voice actor for Sonic had come out of retirement to return for “one last job.”

This, of course, caught the attention of the Sonic fandom, and Sonic’s voice has since denied this on social media, assuring fans that he’s here to stay. Or in his words:

“Trust THIS source: I’m back … period.”

In early 2021, Smith announced his departure from office. Sega apparently made it official with their own goodbye message and then out of nowhere the same voice actor announced his surprise return to the role in May. No reason for his departure or return was officially revealed.

“I cannot fully express my gratitude for the @sonic_hedgehog team and community. I look forward to honoring your support and passion as I am officially back voicing #SonicTheHedgehog in games. I can’t wait for you to see what we have planned! THANK YOU… from the bottom of my blue heart «.

So there you have it, according to Sonic’s own voice actor, it’ll be hanging around. Are you looking forward to more Sonic projects with Roger Craig Smith in the future? Tell us below.

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