SpaceX banned the Ukrainian military to fly drones using Starlink

SpaceX banned Ukrainian military from controlling drones using Starlink

Elon Musk's SpaceX has restricted the use of Starlink satellite internet by the Ukrainian military to control drones in the region during the war with Russia. This was reported by Reuters.

SpaceX President and COO Gwynn Shotwell said Starlink's satellite Internet service « was never intended to be used as a weapon». According to her, the Ukrainians «used it unintentionally and not within the framework of any agreement». She subsequently clarified that the Ukrainian defenders used Starlink to control the drones.

«There are things we can do to limit their ability to do this», — she said.

Shotwell added that the use of drones via Starlink is outside the scope of the agreement SpaceX has with the Ukrainian government, adding that the contract was for humanitarian purposes such as providing broadband internet to hospitals , banks and families affected by the Russian invasion.

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