Speaker Zelensky – about the “message” to Putin: the President addresses the people in public

Zelensky's speaker - about “message” to Putin: the president addresses people publicly

The Office of the President denied the transmission of a message from Vladimir Zelensky to Vladimir Putin through Indonesian leader Joko Widodo. Press Secretary of the President of Ukraine Serhiy Nikiforov said in a commentary to Ukrayinska Pravda that Zelensky would make a public statement if he wanted to.

– As for any messages, the President of Ukraine, if he wants to address someone, he does it publicly in his daily addresses, Nikiforov said.

Speaker of the Ukrainian leader said that the main topic at the talks of the presidents in Kyiv was the blocking of Ukrainian ports. He noted that Indonesia is one of the largest importers of wheat from Ukraine.

On June 30, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said that he had conveyed a message from Vladimir Zelensky to Vladimir Putin.

– I conveyed the President's message Zelensky to President Putin and expressed his readiness to establish communication between the two leaders, he said at a joint briefing with the Russian president.

On June 29, Joko Widodo was in Irpin and Kyiv. According to Sky News, the Indonesian leader invited Zelensky to deliver a message to Putin.

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