“Star” auctions to help Ukraine: Primachenko's painting, Olympic medals, Pele's and Luka Modric's T-shirts

Star auctions to help Ukraine: Primachenko painting, Olympic medals, Pele and Luka Modric T-shirts

Our stars are fighting not only on the cultural front, organizing concerts, raising money for them, recording songs, distributing hundreds of interviews so that the world does not forget that there is a war in our country … They also sell things dear to their hearts at auctions to help our fighters and the injured. They say they don't care about anything for Ukraine.

Jamala – the dress in which she opened Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv

Jamala donated for the Catawiki auction her dress, in which she opened Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv.

– In 2017, it was created by designer Yuliya Magdich. For me, this is more than just a thing, it is a real work of art in which the traditions and history of my country converge, – says the singer. – The outfit will be the key item in a charity auction launched by Catawiki.

The auction will run from May 10 to May 18 at catawiki.com. In total, there are 11 items from the Eurovision participants of different years. The collected funds will be transferred to the Yellow-Blue Foundation, which supports Ukrainians affected by the war.

According to Jamala, the Catawiki platform has already helped raise 100 thousand euros, which were donated to UNICEF to support Ukrainian children and families.

Jamala donated a dress from Yulia to the auction Magdich, in which she opened Eurovision in Kyiv. Photo: Instagram.com/jamalajaaa/

Sergey Prytula – painting by Maria Primachenko

For half a million dollars, a painting by the world-famous Ukrainian artist Maria Primachenko “Flowers grew near the fourth block” was sold at an auction.

– The purpose of the auction was to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, says Serhiy Prytula. – And there is also a certain symbolism in the fact that this particular picture was provided. Because these are flowers that grew near the fourth power unit, and next to it, the orcs were just digging trenches. Everything is very interconnected.

The canvas of the artist from 1990 was brought to the volunteer headquarters of the host of the New Channel and volunteer Sergei Prytula by a driver from his team. The starting price was five thousand dollars.

“Before the broadcast, the highest bid was $80,000. As soon as the live broadcast began, the current rate increased to 95 thousand dollars, – says Sergey. – In the end, we sold Maria Primachenko's painting “Flowers grew near the fourth block” for 500 thousand dollars! First of all, I want to thank the owners of the painting, who brought it to our Foundation and offered to sell it and give the money to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I also want to sincerely thank the participants of the auction. Not only those who specifically fought bets on the finish line, but also everyone who registered. You joined the process, warmed up this auction with your bids. You also, last but not least, we owe the level of the rate that we received. Half a million dollars! If we say we didn't expect it, it's not just true. This is a shock for us! The auctioneer who bought the painting, we sincerely thank you for your generosity. Thanks for being persistent. You are definitely a person with a big kind heart and soul. If you are interested in chatting, then beacon. It will be my great pleasure to meet you. Half a million dollars is a very significant figure. Thank you very much!

Painting by Maria Primachenko “Flowers grew near the fourth block” was sold for 500 thousand dollars. Photo: Novyi Kanal

Sergey Yemelyanov – the gold medal of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo

1 + 1 TV presenter and volunteer Solomiya Vitvitskaya together with the Paralympic paracanoe champion Sergei Yemelyanov sold his gold medal of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games at a charity auction.

“Sergey contacted me himself, he communicates closely with the military, he constantly travels to the front line, so he decided to sell his gold medal in order to raise money for the 25th and 30th mechanized brigades to buy the ammunition they need. But it's not just to make a post – and everything will be done by itself. You have to write a lot, ask for support, post, share – this is a very huge piece of work, – Solomiya Vitvitskaya told us in an interview.

The medal was sold for 900 thousand hryvnia. Moreover, the winner of the auction, WhiteBIT, returned the award to Yemelyanov.

– When the idea came to sell the medal to help our defenders, there was no hesitation, – Sergey Yemelyanov admitted on the air of Snidanka z 1 + 1. – Now she works in defense of our heroes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And I thank the generous benefactors that I have a lucky gold award again!

Star auctions to help Ukraine: Primachenko's painting, Olympic medals, Pele and Luka Modric T-shirts

Solomiya Vitvitskaya helped Sergei Yemelyanov sell his gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. The winner of the auction, the company WhiteBIT, bought it for 900 thousand hryvnia and returned the award to the athlete. Photo: Instagram.com/solomiyavitvitska/

Andrey Bednyakov – T-shirts of football stars from his collection

– Many people know that I have a considerable collection of T-shirts. Therefore, I will slowly reduce it, – TV presenter Andrey Bednyakov said on social networks after the start of the war and sells things from his collection to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the victims.

So, for example, Pele's signed T-shirt and T-shirt which was signed for Andriy by the players and coaches of the Shakhtar club.

– You can understand how important it is for me. But I decided to put up this lot as well,” wrote Andrei.

One of the last lots is a T-shirt of the famous Croatian football player, midfielder of the Spanish club Real Madrid, Luka Modric.

– T-shirt of the champion of Spain and the finalist (at least) of the Champions League Luka Modric, which Darijo Srna helped to get. She is not autographed yet, but we will definitely sign her! Bednyakov promises. – Participation – 500 hryvnia. The number of times to participate is unlimited. More translations – more chances. All funds will be directed to IDPs from Mariupol and from the east of Ukraine. We will help the families who were taken out of Mariupol recently. From Azovstal. I understand that everyone is a little exhausted. But you can't stop! We must help each other. If you don't want a T-shirt, but want to help, you can translate as much as you want. Your 50 hryvnia – to the very heart. You are best! Keep this in mind.

Andrey says that he never advertises his charity, because what he helps with is exclusively his story. But here it’s different.

“You will help here,” the TV presenter addressed his subscribers and everyone who wants to buy the lot.

Andrey Bednyakov is selling T-shirts from his collection. The photo shows the most important T-shirt for Andriy, which was signed for him by the players and coaches of the Shakhtar club. The TV presenter sold it at auction to help the country. Photo: Instagram.com/biedniakov/

Stanislav Goruna – bronze medal of the Olympic Games in Tokyo

Karateka Stanislav Goruna has sold his bronze medal of the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo at auction. The lot started at $10,000 and then rose to $20,500.

The award was purchased by an unknown buyer from Japan. All proceeds were directed to the Ukraine Alive 2022 fund, which specifically helps the National Guard, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the territorial defense and IDPs.

– 20,500 dollars – I don’t know if it’s a lot or a little, but if this money is used to purchase some kind of bulletproof vests, helmets or other protective equipment that will save someone’s life, or medicine that will help the wounded affected by the war, then it won't be in vain. Everything will be Ukraine, there will be other medals, there will be other goals, other victories. Glory to Ukraine! Goruna said in a comment to TSN.

However, an anonymous buyer from Japan decided to return the medal to the Ukrainian athlete. After the end of the war, he invited Stanislav to Tokyo to take his award home.

Now Goruna is defending the country in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Stanislav Goruna sold his medal for $20,500. But an anonymous buyer from Japan promised to return the medal to the Ukrainian athlete and invited him to Tokyo after our victory. Photo: Instagram.com/iamhoruna/

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