Stars about life abroad: Taran says that you can survive everywhere, and daughter Polyakova asks to go home

Stars about life abroad: Taran says that you can survive everywhere, and Polyakova's daughter asks to go home

Recently, actress Ksenia Mishina, who is now with her son in Poland, admitted that she still cannot adapt to a new life. Like other Ukrainians, many of our stars have gone abroad with their children and are forced to adapt to local realities. It doesn't work for everyone.

Celebrities tell how their lives develop in different countries and what they advise Ukrainians based on their own experience.

Daria Petrozhitskaya in Germany

Daria Petrozhitskaya and her sister live with her boyfriend Alexei in Germany.

– We went to Hamburg, because my boyfriend lives here. He has an apartment here, and he really wanted me to come and be safe. To be honest, I didn’t want to talk about him, especially that he lives abroad, but as it is, Daria Petrozhitskaya said in the Star Trek program.

The actress has already applied for refugee status, but she can't get used to forced life abroad. She says that speech is given to her very hard, besides, the thought of Ukraine and peaceful life constantly torments her heart. Therefore, the star tries not to sit still – she goes to rallies in support of our country and communicates with Ukrainians.

– The people I meet here cry and say they want to go home. I ask you not to rush, although I understand how hard it is for everyone, ”the actress shares. I miss our lives so much! There was a period when I cried a lot, I don’t know if this is true or not, but it seems that I had a nervous breakdown. I had to turn to a psychologist and ask for medicine, because I could not control my condition.

Petrozhitskaya also gives charity concerts at a local club in Hamburg.

Stars about life abroad: Taran says that one can survive everywhere, and Polyakova's daughter asks to go home

Daria Petrozhitskaya has already received refugee status. Photo:

Lydia Taran in France

Lydia Taran lives with her daughter Vasilina in Nancy, France. 14-year-old Vasilisa goes to a local school, and the TV presenter is engaged in volunteer activities.

– My teenage treasure has a patriotic breakfast of buckwheat in France and goes to the station to get to his college, Lida talks about her everyday life. – Yes, she really wants to go home, but she is very grateful to me for taking her out of the war!

According to Taran, she is haunted by the feeling of an abyss when she sees how in France people sit in the squares and rest, while our houses are dying or sitting in vaults. The TV presenter admits that while she is afraid to return home, because a rocket hit her house and killed a man.

“In my opinion, patriotism is not about putting your children and family in danger and sitting until our people are released or until the horde takes over,” she explains. – Patriotically – do not protect your apartment from missiles: how will you save it? And the excuse that children are better at home is also bad, honestly! Do they feel good without food and water in the basements? Because it's at home? Patriotically, it is to take your loved ones to a safe land. Leave the cities so that it would be easier for our army to liberate the country. “Oh, I won’t be able to go abroad,” they tell me. Can you wait for the “arrival” with the children? You are super strong if you can. But maybe it's better to use this superpower in the direction of finding safety?

Lida says that in France, for example, you can survive with the help they provide, and without money from Ukraine:

“Your child will be fine here, better than under sirens and shelling. Do not sit, do not wait, take out the future of Ukraine in order to bring it back healthy and smart. Two families have recently arrived with children on trains that are still free for us. So don't talk about money either. You can survive everywhere if you can under air raids.

In an interview with KP in Ukraine, Taran said that Ukrainians can find work in France. For example, McDonald's offers a job and a good salary – it will be enough for rent and food. Dry cleaners, supermarkets also offer vacancies.

Stars about life abroad : Taran says that you can survive everywhere, and Polyakova's daughter asks to go home

Lydia Taran says that her daughter really wants to go home, but is grateful to her mother, who was able to take her out of the war. Photo:

Slava Kaminskaya in the Netherlands

Slava Kaminskaya left with her son Leon and daughter Laura for the Netherlands. At first, the singer with her children and mother lived in the town of Noordwijk – in a hotel that was provided to them for free.

I am already a peasant. But to be honest, there are very beautiful villages here! You drive down the street and enjoy the views – everything is like from a cartoon. If only it weren't so cold and the people weren't so Nordic, it would be great! – she said in the program “Morning from Ukraine”. – Perhaps, I was so guilty in a past life that today I am with my mother, a toothless dog, there are no nannies, and we get along on 10 square meters!

Currently, the star has rented an apartment in Rotterdam. However, according to her, life abroad is not as cloudless as some might think. For example, to rent an apartment, on average, you will have to pay 1,000 euros, a check in a supermarket for a family of four is 50 euros. The singer says that the Ukrainian refugees who left their homes and left for other countries are “not sweet”:

– Do you think those who left are now sweet? You are wrong. Far from sweet. Many have a language barrier, 80% have small children whose lives need to be arranged during the hostilities in order to preserve the future of our country! Or do you think that our future should be with a crippled psyche? These are also citizens of Ukraine! And, believe me, who the hell would go to a foreign country of their own free will, if not for the war.

Kaminskaya admits that both she and the children really want to return home, because there is no better country than Ukraine. But it's too early to think about it yet.

– Laura constantly asks how her toys are, were they stolen or blown up? Children are like children, – says the singer. – I would go back now, I don't care about air raid alerts, but when I remember how I took the children out, I'm afraid that I won't be able to do it the second time.

Stars about life abroad: Taran says you can survive everywhere, while Polyakova's daughter asks to go home

Slava Kaminskaya admits that those who have left are not happy at all. Photo:

Olya Polyakova in France

Olya Polyakova has been in France since the beginning of the war with her daughters, who were sheltered in her villa by her friend, blogger and writer Nika Belotserkovskaya. However, the singer still spends most of her time in different countries, where she gives charity concerts.

And now Olya plans to return to Ukraine. In addition, according to her, her children, Masha and Alice, really want to return home.

– Everything is wrong for her, everything is tasteless, everything is ugly, even the animals do not look like in Ukraine … The child does not want anything, there are three cats, five dogs, dear goats, she really wants to go home. In a week and a half I am already returning to Kyiv and will give concerts in hospitals for the military. She asks me to take her with me. And I’m very afraid, I don’t know what to do, – Olya Polyakova admitted in the “Breakfast with 1 + 1” program.

Polyakova and her daughters live in a separate small house, so they equip their whole life themselves – at they do not have a housekeeper or a nanny. The star is very happy that the girls do not refuse to work. And also, according to the artist, the daughters have new preferences:

– My child comes to the beach and sings “Our Father Bandera, Mother Ukraine …” and at the same time dances. I never saw her do it. She is now actively watching TikTok, various social networks, there is a lot of it. Songs with obscene words, about rashists. I ask her: “Where do you get it”? She shows me, tells me, in general, I am aware of everything youth.

According to Olya Polyakova, nothing is nice for her daughters abroad. Photo:

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