Stoltenberg does not rule out that Bakhmut “falls in the coming days”

Stoltenberg does not rule out that Bakhmut will

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg does not rule out that Bakhmut of the Donetsk region «falls in the coming days». This is reported by The Guardian.

«Given the continuation of hostilities in Bakhmut, there is a possibility of its fall in the coming days», Stoltenberg said.

NATO Secretary General noted the need to ensure that this does not become a turning point in the war.

«This only emphasizes that we should not underestimate Russia, we should continue to support Ukraine , and NATO allies over the past year have supported Ukraine with military, financial and economic support in the amount of about 150 billion euros», Stoltenberg added.

  • According to media reports, Zaluzhny did not fall into the trap of the Russian Federation in Bakhmut and did not burn the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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