Stoltenberg: Russia's new offensive has already begun

Stoltenberg: Russia's new offensive has already begun

Projected new Russia's offensive in Ukraine has already begun. This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, reports The Guardian.

According to him, NATO is already observing the beginning of the Russian offensive. He added that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is sending «thousands and thousands of soldiers», suffering very heavy losses, but continuing to put pressure on the Ukrainians.

«What Russia lacking in quality, they try to make up for in quantity», — said Stoltenberg, emphasizing that the West urgently needs to supply Ukraine with more weapons.

At the same time, the NATO Secretary General did not comment on Russia's possible plans for the anniversary of the Russian invasion on February 24th. At the same time, he stressed that NATO sees «no signs» that Vladimir Putin «is preparing for peace».

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