Stop paying people covid tests “for fun”? readers are clear!

Stop paying people covid tests “for fun”? readers are clear!

Vojtěch indicated in an interview on Thursday that the reimbursement of tests should be reduced for the NewsList site. The restriction would apply to those tests that people have taken, for example, to visit a restaurant, hairdresser or cultural event. Tests with a request from the regional hygienic station or a general practitioner would continue to be reimbursed.

“Public health insurance should cover tests that have an indication. A number of experts also criticize that we pay tests for entertainment,” Vojtěch said in an interview.

You’ve been on since Thursday website could vote if you agree with the restrictions, reimbursement of tests. As of Sunday 21:32, 4437 readers voted, of which 2778 (62.6%) would keep the payment of tests as a suitable tool in the fight against covid. 1659 (37.4 percent) respondents agree that the “fun” tests should stop paying.

Poll results:

“You want people to be tested every time they get out of the barracks, so pay for it too,” Ms. Petra is upset in comments on Facebook.

Vojtěch said in an interview that the purpose of paying for tests is for people to have an alternative to vaccination if they have to wait for an injection. “If we are in a situation where there will be no barrier and everyone can be vaccinated without waiting, then I think that naturally the number of tests that are covered will decrease,” the minister added.

People are entitled to two PCR tests per month and four antigen tests from public insurance. Any additional tests must be paid for. The maximum price of tests for self-payers is governed by the price regulation of the Ministry of Health. From the beginning of June, people can pay a maximum of CZK 614 for the PCR test for the test itself and another CZK 200 for collection, and the maximum price for the antigen test is set at CZK 201.


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