Sudbury food bank robbed

A food bank from Sudbury victim of a theft

Good Neighbors Valley Food Bank East is located in the heart of the Hanmer community.

The Good Neighbors Valley East Food Bank, located in the Hanmer neighborhood of Greater Sudbury, was forced to repair its premises after to have been the victim of a theft. This is the third time in two years that the organization has become the target of thieves and vandals.

If it ever happens again, we have already agreed that we will have to buy a quality metal door that is specifically designed for this type of building, told CBC the president of the organization, Wayne Nepssy.

Mr. Nepssy found enough lumber and materials from his personal stash to reinforce the door frame and repair the damaged door without spending a penny. The lock was cut and the door suffered several scratches.

The thieves allegedly tried to break down the door.

When the damage was noticed , several volunteers came forward to make the necessary repairs and secure the premises in the event of another incident.

According to the organization, the thieves took frozen meat from the freezer and probably a few other things.

Reached by Radio-Canada, the Greater Sudbury Police Department says it was not notified of a break and enter.

In a post on social media, Mr. Nepssy said expressed his dissatisfaction with the event.

This is the third time in about two years. It's getting a little daunting, he wrote. But at the same time, we have to see him or her as someone who is so desperate that he or she has to use these means to access food.

“I guess stealing is easier than getting a job and buying your own food. Can someone tell their people that we are giving this food for free?

— Wayne Nepssy, President of Good Neighbors Valley East Food Bank

During the holidays in 2020, individuals managed to steal food and a pack of gift cards, which were part of the baskets that the organization prepared to further help its customers.

M. Nepsy points out that there is even a sign in front of the food bank that says help is available at all times. According to him, these acts are not necessary.

We will help anyone at any time. That's why it's disheartening to see people breaking in when they don't need to, he says.

However, the building is located behind that of the Lions Club, away from the main road that crosses the community. According to the president of the organization, this was probably one of the factors that led the thieves to enter the food bank.

There are no excuses for people who need food, especially those who are quite desperate because they need it immediately, Nepssy believes.

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