«Summer cabin»: – – Have been waiting for death threats

«Summer cabin»: – – Have been waiting for death threats

This year’s season of “Sommerhytta” on TV 2 has received a lot of attention. Now the season is coming to an end, and next week we will find out which of the four participating couples will run away with the victory and keep their self-built cabin.

For girlfriend Anna Rosenlund Skretteberg (23) and Jone Engemoen Hansen (27) The recording has presented many challenges – and pleasures – of various kinds.

We have been able to follow the cohabiting couple through ups and downs, quarrels and happy moments. When Dagbladet spoke to Skretteberg earlier this week, she said that she believes their relationship has become stronger as a result of the “Sommerhytta” participation.

CALL ON THE FINGER: Anna looks forward to the future together with Jone after «Sommerhytta». Video: TV 2
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Hatred and hatred

The 23-year-old became the target of outrage, hatred and criticism on social media early in the season. People have thought that she has treated her boyfriend badly, and that she has spoken ill of him and been rude and strict.

Speaks out: – To laugh at

When the “Sommerhytta” final is now fast approaching, Dagbladet talks to Skretteberg about how the TV participation has been. The 23-year-old points to the hateful comments as the most negative thing about participating in the program.

FULL CONFUSION: After Anna and Jone win a competition in “Sommerhytta”, there is complete confusion about which prize they should have chosen. Video: TV 2
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– There have been a lot of ugly comments online. It’s not fun for any of us. People write that I am condescending and similar, but it is so distant for us. It’s such a shame that people perceive us that way from the little they see of us on TV. It feels unfair when I know that this is not the case, she explains to Dagbladet.

She thinks people have been more concerned with them as people than the work they have put into the cabin and the renovation.

– It is strange that so many should have so much to say about our relationship based on what we do on TV. It is something completely different to be in a construction situation than in everyday life as usual, says the 23-year-old.

“ATTACKED”: The participants in “Sommerhytta” are “attacked” during the recording. Video: TV 2
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Waiting for death threats

The ugly remarks have flowed into comment fields on Facebook and the anonymous app Jodel. But she has also received instant messages on Instagram and Facebook, in addition to regular text messages.

It has calmed down a bit now, but Skretteberg makes no secret of the fact that it has been tough to get so much hatred directed at him.

You are not allowed to watch this on TV

– I have almost only been waiting for death threats. I heard that Jeanett (participant in last year’s «Sommerhytta», journ.anm.) Got it last year. I have feared this, but there are no messages that have been so serious that they should be reported. But at least they have been so ugly that I could never imagine sending them to people, she says.

Jeanett Fjeldstad (42) tells Dagbladet that the death threat came after last season was broadcast on television, where she and her husband Jerry Johansson ended up in second place behind Øyunn Krogh and Levi Try.

– SAD: Jeanett Fjeldstad says that she received a death threat after the “Summer Cabin” participation last year, and thinks it is sad that Anna and Jone get so much provocation and criticism. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2
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– It was not nice. You have to be well prepared when young people have to take part in such things, says the 42-year-old.

Making death threats against someone is serious, and can follow sections 263 and 264 of the Penal Code punishable by fines or imprisonment when the threat is likely to provoke serious fear.

Skretteberg deletes the ugly messages as soon as she receives them, because she has had enough. The 23-year-old also feels misunderstood:

– The way people describe me on social media, as condescending, knowledgeable, complacent, rude and sarcastic, it is so completely wrong. It seems that some people try to turn everything I say into something negative.

GET NOK: The participants in “Sommerhytta” hold a competition when something does not go as it should for Anna and Jone. Video: TV 2
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Skretteberg also thinks the provocation is a lot about gender and age, and that people would have reacted differently if she was not the youngest in the relationship.

The 23-year-old says that for a while she has been afraid of being alone at home, because she has feared that people will visit her.

– It’s been scary. I have felt that people have really hated me. Some messages and comments have been really hateful. It has been tough being alone, and I have struggled to sleep in the evenings. But things are much better now, she assures.

Survived car accident: – Panicked

– Stress

His girlfriend Jone Hansen tells Dagbladet that he had not imagined that the TV participation would be like this, and that they were told in advance that it was just a pleasurable feelgood program.

– Have you also received a lot of provocation?

– I have received something myself, but there are trifles compared to what Anna has received. When your roommate gets so much provocation, you feel that it is a bit unjustified, especially considering the hard haircut at the beginning of the season. It feels unreasonable and it also becomes a strain for me, says Hansen.

ATTENTION: Anna and Jone are in this year’s season of “Sommerhytta”, and they have received a lot of attention after the participation. Video: TV 2
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Hansen further says that a couple of weeks into the spring season he called the production to ask if they should cut the whole season so that it appeared that he was not good at anything.

– It had become even more tiring. For the first two weeks, the production used the same clips, where it was presented as if I could not do anything. It has defined us, the 27-year-old believes.

For Hansen, it has been tough to see that the cohabitant has received so much provocation and harsh treatment on social media.

The “summer cabin” couple about the future: – Do not bother

– Those who know us know that this is unreasonable, but those who do not know us get a wrong impression, and it bothers us both, he says.

Like his girlfriend, Hansen has had some bad nights as a result of all the reactions.

– But I have mostly felt drained of energy and boredom. I was looking forward to the series coming on TV, but it has almost been more of a strain. Since week two, I have only been looking forward to it being finished, he says.

TRAVEL: Therefore, the participant has to leave «Sommerhytta». Video: TV 2
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This is how TV 2 responds

Press manager at TV 2, Jan-Petter Dahl, tells Dagbladet that it is sad to hear that the cohabiting couple feel misrepresented in “Sommerhytta”.

– Anna and Jone are a fantastic couple of participants in “Sommerhytta”, and we think it’s sad to hear that they feel misrepresented. The participating couples are filmed from morning to evening for ten weeks, and therefore much of what is filmed is not shown on television. It is nevertheless important for us that we show a representative picture of the participants and the interaction between them, he says.

– SEARCH: Dahl says that it is a pity that Skretteberg and Hansen react to how they are presented. Photo: Eivind Senneset / TV 2
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Dahl further says that the channel has a psychologist available on all reality recordings, and that they have regular contact with the participating couples while the program is broadcast on television.

– We also moderate the comment fields we have control over. There is an ever-increasing commitment around “Sommerhytta”, which means that we continuously make assessments about how we can best take care of the participants, Dahl concludes.

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