Summer Holidays: 75 Deadliest Days on Quebec Roads Begin

Vacances d’ summer: start of the 75 deadliest days on Quebec roads

In 2021, 92 deaths occurred on the roads during the 75 days between Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day and Labor Day.

The season deadliest on the roads of Quebec began a few days ago and, already, “it follows the trend” of previous years, warned the director of the CAA-Quebec Foundation, Marco Harrison.

According to CAA, the 75-day period between Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Labor Day is historically the period with the most fatal traffic accidents in the province.

“There have already been five road deaths in six days. »

— Marco Harrison, Director of the CAA-Quebec Foundation

In 2021, a total of 92 deaths occurred during these two and a half months, according to the road safety report of the Société d'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ). Although this period is only the fifth of the year, more than a quarter of the 347 deaths that year occurred there.

This is the season when you see a lot of motorcyclists and cyclists, there are more pedestrians on the streets, and more traffic means more accidents, explained SAAQ spokesperson Mario Vaillancourt, during a telephone interview.

Unfortunately, sharing the road is still a difficult thing for some users to understand, Mr. Harrison added.

He also pointed out that there is an influx of visitors who come from outside, whether from another province or from the United States. There is a substantially higher number of recreational vehicles on the roads, he added before recalling that during the two years of the pandemic, there was a craze for this type of vehicle and there is is sold a lot.

CAA's annual Summer Travel Intentions Survey, released June 1, indicates that almost half (45%) of Quebecers plan to travel within the province, compared to 28% who will go elsewhere in Canada or abroad and 20% who will stay at home.

MM. Harrison and Vaillancourt agree that the main causes of accidents are distraction and speeding.

Most people are on vacation, so I don't see the urge to drive fast, to be distracted, Mr Harrison added. Let's say we are driving at 110 km/h instead of 90 km/h on a road where the speed limit is 90 km/h. Well, over 20 km, you'll save just two minutes. Is it really worth it?

He made a point of reminding that it is necessary at all times to remain on the lookout, to make sure to be seen and to drive at a good distance from the vehicles in front in order to always have the necessary leeway to brake suddenly. or to avoid an obstacle.

Plan your route. Now, there are a host of apps or sites on the Internet where you can go and watch the trip you want to take. […] Are there any pitfalls along the way, is there work on the route I want to use? There is no doubt that it will affect travel.

The SAAQ also warns against the consequences of fatigue at the wheel during long holiday trips with the countryside campaign Stop before fatigue stops you, launched in recent weeks.

Despite everything, for a good ten years, the road safety record has been improving. is still improved, nuanced Mr. Vaillancourt. The number of accidents as such is decreasing. However, he recalled that any death is always too many.

In 2011, the number of deaths was 479, 132 more than in 2021 .

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