Survivors after the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Makiivka, mobilized from the Russian Federation, complained that they want to disband their unit | VIDEO

Mobilized from the Russian Federation, survivors of the Makiivka attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, complained that they want to disband their unit | VIDEO

They want to disband a unit of Russian mobilized from the Samara region that came under fire in Makeevka. The corresponding video message of the mobilized was published on the Web.

According to one of the soldiers, their 1st battalion of the 44th regiment “was partially defeated on New Year's Eve” in Makeevka, Donetsk region. After that, the mobilized had to “live in whatever and where they needed to, as the command could not gather and take personnel to a safe place” for two days.

On February 5, the Russians were sent to a tent camp, where they were “not expected “. At the same time, the command decided to disband the personnel of the unit.

  • The 19th vocational school in Makeevka, where the mobilized soldiers of the Russian army were stationed. The media reported that about 600 Russian occupiers could have died as a result of the strike.

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