Suspect arrested for “grandparents” type fraud in Longueuil

Suspect arrested for “grandparents” type fraud in Longueuil

The Longueuil Agglomeration Police Department (SPAL) has arrested a suspect in connection with “grandparents” type fraud and is looking for other possible victims.

SPAL believes it possible that Ronnie Chbat had multiple casualties.

The suspect has been identified as Ronnie Chbat, 37 years old. According to the description provided by the police, he is 1.70 m tall and weighs 105 kg. He speaks French and English.

The individual appeared Thursday at the Longueuil courthouse, where he was charged with fraud under $5,000.

However, investigators believe Ronnie Chbat could have make other victims who would not have come forward so far.

The scheme allegedly used by the defendant consists of communicating by telephone with an elderly person pretending to be his grandson. He then claims that he was caught drunk driving in an accident and desperately needs $4,000 in cash to post bail. /p>

To close the trap, he suggests to his victim that another person will come to his home to collect the money.

Anyone who has been the victim of such fraud is invited to contact the police.

In order to guard against such a scam, we suggest not reacting emotionally and resist the temptation to act quickly. Investigators point out that scammers can be harassing, but you have to resist.

We remind you never to reveal personal information and instead ask very personal questions, only a loved one could know the answers.

We also suggest hanging up and communicating with other relatives or friends to confirm the validity of the story told.

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