Swedish NATO membership: US B-52s fly over Stockholm | War in Ukraine

Sweden’s NATO membership: US B-52s fly over Stockholm | War in Ukraine

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Two Swedish JAS Gripen fighters and a Norwegian F-35 jet escort an American B-52 bomber during an exercise in the Arctic on August 18.

American B-52 bombers symbolically flew low over Stockholm on Friday, as part of the intensification of joint exercises organized for the purpose of Swedish membership in NATO, we learned from the army of the Scandinavian country.

Accompanied by Swedish Air Force Gripen fighters, two US Air Force B-52s flew over the Nordic capital at midday.

While exercises with the famous American strategic bombers have already taken place in the past and even recently, this is the first time that an overflight of this type has been organized, said Therese Fagerstedt, a Swedish military spokeswoman.

It's a type of exercise that makes even more sense now, she told AFP.

< p class="e-p">Since the announcement of Sweden and Finland's candidacy for NATO membership in May in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Member States United States and other Western powers have increased exercises and signs of military reassurance in recent months.

A large American amphibious assault ship, the USS Kearsarge, dropped anchor in early June in the center of Stockholm, before maritime exercises off the coast.

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