Sylvie Tellier reveals the face of her son Romeo but makes a small mistake …

Would the director of the Miss France committee be a little overwhelmed? Sylvie Tellier posted a rare photo of her son Romeo on December 14 on Instagram, and she wrote a little message with a miscalculation.
Constantly attacked by her brother-in-law , clashed by a former miss a bit annoyed and monopolized by the organization of the next Miss France competition – December 19 on TF1 – in a difficult health context, Sylvie Tellier must undoubtedly have her head in mush . Enough to explain the little blunder made in the caption of an Instagram publication with his son.

On Monday, December 14, Sylvie Tellier was delighted to post a rare photo of her with her little boy Romeo, born July 14, 2018 from her marriage to Laurent . A son whose face she never fully shows since he grew up. But this was an opportunity to make an exception. ” Thought for the day for my little Romeo who came to enchant our lives 2 and a half years ago … #moisversaire # 29mois #amour #famille “, she wrote in the caption of her photo. In commentary, a vigilant and good math user noted a calculation error. ” But I see that he was born on July 14, so 29 months and not 30″, she wrote. If the director of the Miss France committee had correctly calculated the number of months since his birth, on the other hand Romeo will celebrate his two and a half years only on January 14. What she readily admitted in answering a ” yes! “affirmation to the comment of his follower .

Sylvie Tellier (42) is also the proud mother of Oscar , born January 17, 2010 in the United States from his first marriage to Camille Le Maux – the couple divorced in 2012 – and Margaux , born March 24, 2014 from his current union with Laurent. Asked by Closer in March 2020, about her life as an active mother, she made confidences. ” I try to be present as much as possible! I bring up my daughter and my two boys the same way, including instilling the value of respect. Self-respect and respect for others. I try to educate them. to the world around us and I especially want them to be grateful for the life they lead, “she said.

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