Syria: Aleppo airport out of service after new Israeli strikes

Syria: Aleppo airport out of service after new Israeli strikes

A satellite image from Planet Labs PBC shows the damage to the runway at Aleppo airport on September 1

The airport ;Aleppo, in northern Syria, was targeted again on Tuesday evening by Israeli strikes which damaged the runway and put the airport out of service, the official Sana news agency reported. p>

This is the second round of Israeli strikes against Aleppo airport in less than a week.

At approximately 8:16 p.m. tonight (1716 GMT), the Israeli enemy fired missiles from the Mediterranean Sea (…) and targeted the Aleppo International Airport, damaging the runway and putting it out of service, Sana said.

Earlier, the agency reported that Syrian air defenses were able to intercept some missiles, citing material damage.

In the process, the airline Cham Wings, the only private Syrian company, announced that all flights scheduled from Aleppo would be from Damascus airport in strikes.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), which has a network of sources in the country, several explosions sounded near Aleppo airport , resulting from Israeli strikes against depots belonging to Iran-affiliated militias. The official Sana agency did not mention explosions in arms depots.

The OSDH specifies that these deposits were on fire and that they were destroyed by at least two missiles, reporting significant material damage.

Last Wednesday, several Israeli strikes targeted Aleppo airport and the suburbs of Damascus.

In recent years, Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria, targeting regime positions as well as Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah forces, key allies of Damascus and sworn enemies of Damascus. #x27;Israel.

Israel, Syria's neighbor, rarely comments on the strikes on a case-by-case basis, but has admitted to carrying out hundreds since 2011. The Israeli army has defended them as being necessary, saying they want to prevent Iran from establishing itself on its doorstep.

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