Tanya Koryak's daughter was beaten in kindergarten: the blogger turned to the police

Tanya Koryak's daughter was beaten in kindergarten: blogger went to the police

Daughter of Ukrainian blogger Tatyana Koryak (1 million subscribers) Amina was beaten in kindergarten garden “Happy English” in Uzhgorod. The influencer announced this in a new Instagram post, showing a picture of a girl with bruises on her back.

– On my birthday, a child runs out of the kindergarten in tears and says, “Mom, the teacher pushed me.” I asked Amina to show which teacher offended her. She says that the girl is in green pants and I call her to me. She said with frightened eyes that she was simply leading her by the hand. But Amina clearly states “Mom, this teacher pushed me” and sits sobbing. I talked to the teacher, the director [of the kindergarten], rude to the point of horror, approached me, began to tell me how bad my child is, that she is not a princess, she should listen to everyone. No one, under any circumstances, no matter how a child behaves, has a bitch the right to raise a hand against little angels. Nobody! – the blogger noted.

Koryak added that after the directorate of the preschool institution began to humiliate the child, and “spill mud” on her, she took her daughter from the kindergarten. On the same day in the evening, the family noticed bruises on the child's body, received from a blow by the caregiver. According to the blogger, after the incident, her daughter stopped sleeping normally and complains of back pain.

– In the confusion, we did not undress our daughter, because it was her birthday, she even fell asleep with us dressed. I come home from training in the evening and my husband shows me a bruise on the back of a child in the form of four fingers, Tanya specified.

In fact, the blogger turned to the police and intends to close the kindergarten. The preschool management has not yet commented on the situation. After the incident, access to the institution's Facebook page was restricted for users.

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