TARABAROVA showed how her children see Ukraine in a drawing for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

TARABAROVA showed how her children see Ukraine in a drawing for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Singer Svetlana Tarabarova (TARABAROVA) shared a touching video with subscribers, in which she, along with her son Ivan and daughter Maria, drew a plot of peaceful Ukraine – a home with a Ukrainian flag on the roof, a bright sun and a peaceful sky. The artist, together with her heirs, joined the nationwide gratitude project “Drawing for a Hero” from the Tsil Charitable Foundation and Ukrposhta, which she announced on Instagram.

“You can say “thank you” by drawing a picture,” Svetlana said. “Ukrainian defenders, especially military ones, treat with great tenderness the letters and drawings that Ukrainian children send through volunteers to the front. Written by a child's hand “thank you” and “come back alive” raises morale and gives strength. My mission in the project is to do my best to attract as many drawings of children from all over Ukraine as possible in order to pass them on to the guys on the front line.

The performer called on all subscribers to participate in the project, involve children and help them draw in order to support our defenders. The organizers of the gratitude project set a goal to collect 500,000 drawings – these creative works of little Ukrainians will be sent to military units, hospitals and subdivisions, donated to personnel and will become an adornment of military dispositions.

Among all the submitted works, representatives of the Tsil Foundation will select 500 drawings and turn them into NFTs, the proceeds from the sale of which at the auction will be used to implement the project “Kindergarten of the Future”. And the author of the drawing, which will be redeemed at the highest price, will receive a gift – an Apple iPad Air with an Apple Pencil for drawing.

Rules of participation

To participate in the project, you must create a drawing, write words of gratitude to the Ukrainian heroes and send them through any branch of Ukrposhta by July 17 to the address: Khreshchatyk Street, 22, Kyiv, 01001. On the letter, you need to indicate to whom exactly you are sending the drawing or postcard – to a soldier, doctor or rescuer of the State Emergency Service .

TARABAROVA showed how her children see Ukraine in a drawing for APU

The artist, together with her daughter Maria and son Ivan, drew a picture for the APU Photo: PR Batteries

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