Taras Poplar from the front amused his fans with “funny dances”

Taras Poplar from the front amused his fans with "funny dances"

The leader of the “Antibody” group Taras Topolya, who serves in the territorial defense, recorded a video from the front. The defender showed how he is charged with positive during the “lull”. He posted the video on Facebook.

– When combat medics don't have a job, it's good!, – Topolya wrote.

The funny dances of the artist and his colleagues were appreciated by the fans. In the comments, the subscribers thanked the defender, who cheers up in a difficult time for all Ukrainians:

“I love you! How they improved my mood! I already laughed. Thank you! Have a quiet day! May the Lord protect everyone.”< /em>

“Great! Victory is ours! Everything will be Ukraine! Glory to the Nation! Glory to God. Alive!”.

” Only a sense of humor and mood does not break the spirit and courage of Ukrainians.”


Taras Topol is 32 years old. The leader of the Antitila group has been married to singer Alyosha since 2013. The couple has three children. Topolya joined the ranks of the terrorist defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in early February against the backdrop of the threat of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war in our country, the artist went to the front.

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