Teenage girl 'not mature enough' to abort, rules US court

A teenage girl “not mature enough” to abort, rules in US court

Orphan and minor, she was not able present the consent of at least one parent to abort, as required by law in Florida.

The United States has seen a wave of protests following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade on the right to abortion.

US lawmakers on Wednesday slammed a 'war on women' after a Florida appeals court upheld a ruling that a 16-year-old girl with deceased parents was not “not mature enough” to have an abortion.

In what world is a 16 year old too immature to have an abortion but mature enough to bear and raise a child? asked Ohio Democrat Joyce Beatty, supported by her colleagues Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey and Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, on Twitter.

This is a dangerous and terrifying example of Florida's war on women, said the elected Democrat of this state in the southeastern United States, Lois Frankel, who found the decision unacceptable and who called to fight for the health, safety and freedom of women.

On social networks, many Internet users also underlined the apparent inconsistency of the judgment and expressed their anger, some taking up a hashtag calling for a boycott of Florida.

A Court of Appeals on Monday upheld Escambia County Judge Jennifer Frydrychowicz's decision to deny a request for an abortion from a 16-year-old woman, known by the pseudonym Jane Doe 22-B, on the pretext that she had failed to prove that she was mature enough to decide to terminate her pregnancy.

This judgment comes less than two months after the historic U.S. Supreme Court's about-face, which at the end of June reversed the constitutional guarantee of the right to abortion that it had established in 1973 by the Supreme Court. Roe v. Wade, leaving the American states to legislate freely on the question.

A dozen states have already taken the opportunity to ban abortion, most of the time without exception in cases of incest, rape or danger to the health of the mother, and women's rights associations fear that nearly half of the States will be affected in the long term.

In Florida, abortion is still legal until the 15th week after the last period.

Jane Doe 22-B was only 10 weeks pregnant when ;she made her request for an abortion because she could not obtain the consent of at least one of her parents, both deceased, a prerequisite for minors wishing to have an abortion in Florida.


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