Telegram removed publics of Russians after instructions on how to kill Ukrainian prisoners of war

Telegram deleted Russian publics after instructions on how to kill Ukrainian prisoners of war

< p>Telegram blocked several rashist channels connected with Belarus on the iPhone, with a total number of 80 thousand subscribers. This is stated in Durov's blog.

Durov explains that the social network has complied with Apple's requirement for the iPhone/iPad.

Administrators of several more similar publics received a warning from Telegram that they violate Apple's requirements.

Durov emphasized that channels must comply with the terms of use, otherwise they will inevitably be blocked in the versions of the messenger on the App Store and Google Play.

«Escape to other mobile applications will not help them avoid access restrictions, because another mobile application will also follow the rules of the app stores», — the message says.

Durov explained that on September 23, after a repeated violation, the Russian-language channel was removed, which called for «cut» and «shoot» unarmed people.

Telegram Baza clarifies that among the blocked — The Telegram channel of the Belarusian propagandist Grigory Azarenka, as well as the channel of the Russian sabotage and assault group «Rusich», which published instructions on how to kill Ukrainian prisoners of war.

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