Tennis, in Cagliari it’s up to Sonego, the fourth musketeer

Tennis, in Cagliari it’s up to Sonego, the fourth musketeer

Tennis, in Cagliari it’s up to Sonego, the fourth musketeer

The Turinese number 34 in the world and fourth Italian in the ranking: “There is a positive rivalry between all of us: the successes of one call those of another”. Play against Simon, but first touch Cecchinato and Musetti

Federica Cocchi

April 8
– Milano

He is the fourth musketeer of Italian tennis. Perhaps the least exposed, with that all-Turin aplomb. Lorenzo Sonego, 25 years old number 34 in the world ranking, makes his debut this morning in the singles draw in the second round against the French Simon. The morning will open with Cecchinato-Hanfmann, then Musetti against Evans. Lorenzo, who will close the Italian triptych of the morning, is looking for confirmation on the red clay of the Sardegna Open, in Cagliari, after the beautiful ride on the hard court in Miami, stopped by Tsitsipas in the round of 16.

Lorenzo, now the beloved clay.

“In Miami I felt very comfortable. We worked well in the winter break. We also spent some time at the Nadal Academy. I feel really improved, but the general level is very high. I have been doing well since the beginning of the year and I am playing well. tennis, I am calm and I have always felt good on clay, I will play difficult matches but I will take the field with great conviction ”.

Did you focus on any part of the game in particular?

“On the backhand, above all, and on the answer where I improved a lot. Then of course I continued to work on the serve which is my best shot and I try to make it much more effective by increasing precision and power ”.

Ten Italians among the top 100 in the world, it is impressive to think about it.

“Yes, it’s beautiful. We are many, we pull each other and it is no coincidence that if someone does good results, then others come too. We are all friends, very close, the competition is healthy even if everyone has their own way. The Italian movement is continuing to rise and I am sure other young people will also come from behind ”.

An Italy that can dream of Davis, especially considering that one of the groups will almost certainly be played in Turin.

“We hope to bring it to Italy as soon as possible. Now we are a nice young group and with the addition of Fognini, one of the greatest talents around, we are very competitive. And then of course, if you play in Turin … “.

And we can also count on good doubles like his with Andrea Vavassori.

“The double is decisive for me to improve the response, the game on the fly, the vision of the match. And then I get along very well with Andrea Vavassori, we are friends and we play having fun. And it is also important to have a double ranking ”.

In Miami there were no Djokovic, Nadal, Thiem, Federer. It was like an anticipation of the future. How does it feel without them?

“Phenomena don’t miss a tournament, so not having them around let’s say it’s a nice relief. A bit like when as a child you can have your home free to celebrate ”.

After them who do you see as the new leader of the circuit?

“I would say Medvedev: he has already overtaken Federer and Nadal, among the new players he is certainly the strongest and the most continuous”.

He just lacks a bit of mental strength, every now and then he loses his head and matches.

“It happens. The mental part for a player is as good as the physical, technical and tactical part. We have to work on it. In tennis you are alone, you have a lot of mental stress, you have different emotions, difficult moments and you must have the weapons to express the best tennis. I’m a calm guy but I realized that the more weapons I have, the more I can improve ”.

April 8 – 07:31


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