Terrorist who performed with the “skull of Azov” died after being wounded in the head

Terrorist who performed with the Skull of Azov died after being shot in the head

A Russian mercenary, the commander of a unit of the so-called «People's Militia of the LPR», died in the hospital. Igor Mangushev with the callsign «Bereg». This is reported by the Russian propaganda publication «RIA Novosti» referring to a friend of the terrorist Akim Apachev.

«He died. Yesterday I visited Igor together with his wife Tatyana in the hospital. The doctors said that «Beach» is in an atonic coma. This is the last stage of the coma, as they explained to me. The bullet itself stuck in the center of the brain, traveled a long way. As a result, a large swelling of the brain was formed,” Apachev said.

He also added that on February 7 the case was transferred to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and allegedly “everything is clear based on the materials of the case” 187;, and it is even known who did it.

  • A gunshot wound, which turned out to be fatal, was received by a mercenary on the night of February 4 near the town of Stakhanov . Mangusheva was shot in the occipito-parietal region at close range.

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