Texas: For Pregnant Motorist, Her Fetus Is A Passenger

Texas: for a pregnant motorist, her fetus is a passenger

A pro-abortion rights protester holds up a doll of a fetus on Nov. 1 in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

A pregnant motorist recently reprimanded by Texas police for driving in a carpool lane believes her fetus counts as a passenger and decided to carry the car. x27;case in court.

Brandy Bottone, 32 and in her 34th week of pregnancy, was stopped on June 29 in a fast lane by a police officer who fined her, believing that she was traveling alone in her car.

She was in a lane reserved for vehicles carrying at least two people, which she does not dispute.

But the young woman had pleaded with the policeman, in vain, that her unborn child was indeed a person in the eyes of the law since the Supreme Court of the United States had reversed the judgment a few days earlier. guaranteed the right to abortion at the federal level, leaving this decision in the hands of each state.

The policeman asked, is there anyone else in the car?, she told CNN in an interview. I pointed to my belly and said “here, precisely”. He replied “well, it takes two people outside the body, so it doesn't count”, Ms Bottone added.

< p>“I was a bit shocked and said to him: 'in view of all that has just happened, and I don't want to make a big political deal out of it, you understand that he it's a baby" ?

— Brandy Bottone

She decided to challenge this fine in court.

Texas Penal Code, such as the many other conservative states recognize a fetus or an unborn child as a person. However, this does not seem to be the case with the laws governing transport.

Even before the Supreme Court's decision, Texas, thanks to a legal sleight of hand, had last September banned all abortions from around six weeks of pregnancy, upon detection of heart activity in the embryo.

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