Thank Demin about the conflict with Bilyk: Ira was very hurt by my words

Slava Demin about the conflict with Bilyk: Ira was very hurt by my words

TV presenter and interviewer Slava Demin admitted that he had a conflict with singer Irina Bilyk. Wine is all about the showman's interview, which he took from Yuri Nikitin even before the New Year. According to the radio host, during the conversation, he asked the producer a question about the singer, which hit her hard.

– We met with Ira on a television project. I see Ira. I say: “Oh, Irochka, hello!”. She told me: “I don't want to communicate with you.” Then I found out that Ira was offended by me, because when I interviewed Yura Nikitin. I had a question like: “Why doesn't Irina Bilyk have more hits after she stopped working with Yura?” It hurt Ira very much, I think, – the radio host said in an interview with journalist Alina Dorotyuk.

Demin added that Bilyk has the right to be offended, but this is part of his job – to ask questions to the guest, including uncomfortable ones. Slava clarified that this does not in any way show his attitude towards the singer.

– Ira was very much hurt, I think. I think she has a right to be offended by this. My job as an interviewer is to ask various questions, including incriminating ones. This is my job. From this, my attitude towards Ira does not change at all. I have great respect for her,” he shared.

When asked which of the artists who hushed up the war or supported Ukraine, he wanted to record an interview, Demin replied:

– I had a desire to record an interview only with Maxim Galkin, when he publicly expressed his opinion about the war in Ukraine. I wrote to him, to which he replied that he was not giving an interview yet and was not ready for it. I quote “But as soon as I'm ready, I will definitely come back to you.” I don't know if this is just an excuse or if it actually happens, we'll see. Personally, I wrote to Ani Lorak. We know each other and she promised to give me an interview for a year. Everyone “fed” me that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we would definitely shoot everything, but then I warned that we would talk about politics as well. Because this is a topical issue for people, – said Demin. – And when the war started, I saw that it absolutely did not support Ukraine in any way …. There were some neutral pictures under which it was written “Peace to the world”, it's a little ** ynya. I wrote to her like this: “It's time to choose money and a career, or is it still your country in which you grew up, and about which you said that you love her very much.” The message was read, but there was no answer.

Demin is 37 years old. In January 2021, Slava separated from his wife Ksenia after 13 years of marriage. They got married in April 2010 after three and a half years of relationship. From this marriage, the TV presenter has a son, Vladislav.

Slava Demin about conflict with Bilyk: Ira was very hurt by my words

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