The Air Force explained why Russia uses Iranian kamikaze drones instead of missiles


Russia has begun to use expensive high-precision missiles less frequently and more frequently attack Ukrainian territory with Iranian kamikaze drones. This was announced by Yuri Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force Command, on the Belsat TV channel.

«Russia has stopped actively using its high-precision missiles, which cost millions of dollars. Perhaps she is preparing them for strikes against critical infrastructure in the autumn-winter period. Therefore, he uses much cheaper Iranian kamikaze drones to strike at long range. The Iranian Shaheed-136 drone, although primitive, is a weapon,” Ignat explained.

According to him, Iranian-made drones do not have high tactical and technical characteristics, but for The use of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the Russian army still became a challenge.

“This is a new challenge, for which you need to have some experience. All methods are now being studied in order to effectively work on these drones,” Ignat emphasized.

In general, according to him, unmanned military aircraft will take up “more and more space in the air.”

  • Occupiers today attacked a military facility in Odessa region with kamikaze drones.

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