The Armed Forces of Ukraine named the liberated settlements in the Kherson region

Liberated settlements in the Kherson region were named in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers during the counter-offensive in the south of Ukraine finally liberated from the invaders at least five settlements of the Kherson region. In total, about 500 square kilometers have been liberated, a representative of the press center of OK & # 171; South & # 187; Natalia Gumenyuk at the briefing.

“Our progress over the past two weeks is quite convincing. We advanced in different sections from four to several tens of kilometers. There are liberated areas – about 500 square kilometers”, — she said.

Gumenyuk added that to date, such settlements of the Kherson region have already been liberated: Vysokopolie, Novovoznesensk, Belogorka, Sukhoi rates and Mirolyubovka.

Also, OK “South” reported that the Rashists are intensifying filtration measures, including around Kherson. They take the city into a ring of checkpoints and patrols.

Ukrainian defenders keep this territory under fire control.

  • Occupiers in southern Ukraine are trying to negotiate with the Armed Forces of Ukraine about their surrender.

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