The Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the occupiers are in a panic due to explosions at ammunition depots in Mariupol

The Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the occupiers are panicking because of explosions in ammunition depots in Mariupol

In the occupied Mariupol, there is panic among the Russian invaders due to explosions in warehouses with ammunition and fuel. This was stated by the head of the joint press center of the defense forces of the Tauride direction, Alexei Dmitrashkovsky, on the telethon.

«The enemy is somewhat surprised «cotton» , which occurs in that direction. Warehouses of fuel, equipment, and ammunition have already been equipped in Mariupol. That is why a decision was made on the work that is now being carried out there», — Dmitrashkovsky emphasized.

According to him, the invaders are panicking because now their warehouses and bases can be hit by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so they are transferring them.

    < li>Zaluzhny promised the children to return to Mariupol this year.

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