The Armed Forces of Ukraine told about the new tactics of using Iranian drones by the invaders

AFU told about new tactics of using Iranian drones by invaders

Russian invaders launch Iranian kamikaze drones into Ukrainian airspace in order to identify Ukrainian air defenses. This was stated by the head of the joint press center of the Defense Forces of the Operational Command & # 171; South & # 187; Natalya Gumenyuk on the air of the telethon.

According to her, the invaders use Iranian drones not alone, but, as a rule, in groups.

“In particular, it is possible to to identify Ukrainian air defense systems and hit them already. Therefore, our counter tactics are developed taking into account the fact that the hostile strategy pursued such a goal”, — Gumenyuk noted.

She added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine already have certain achievements in countering these hostile drones.

Gumenyuk stressed that the damage from these drones is not critical, but they can start a massive fire. The Russians now have between 300 and 1,000 such UAVs in the region.

  • The United States is donating to the Armed Forces of Ukraine the means to combat Iranian kamikaze drones.

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