The BEI is investigating the death of a sixty-year-old in Stukely-Sud

The BEI is investigating the death of a sexagenarian in Stukely-Sud

A Montreal Police Department command post is located on Robert-Savage Street, in Stukely-Sud.

The Office of Independent Investigations (BEI) is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a lady in her 60s.

Looking for a man intercepted in the evening for a violation of the Highway Safety Code, which made incoherent and threatening remarks, the police officers of the Sûreté du Québec found him at the home of a woman who contacted them, because a man told you was about to enter her home.

Once arrested, the latter would have provided the police with information which made it possible to find the victim, who showed no visible signs of injury .

Five BEI investigators were assigned to investigate the circumstances of the intervention, and the parallel investigation was entrusted to the Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM).

An SPVM command post was deployed to the scene, along with major crime investigators, to shed light on the suspicious death of the 67 year old lady.

The arrested man was taken to a hospital.

EIB calls on anyone who witnessed this event to communicate with him on his website at

More details to come.

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