The Best Pastry Chef – Mercotte “upset and frustrated” by a production decision

On December 9, M6 will broadcast a somewhat special episode of “Meilleur Pâtissier”. It was at this stage of the shooting that the team was tested and placed in isolation, after a case of Covid-19 was detected. A moment on which Mercotte returned to the airwaves of Europe 1.
This Wednesday, December 9, M6 broadcasts the quarter-finals of the Best Pastry Chef . A special shoot for the candidates still in competition and for good reason, it was interrupted after a case of Covid-19 was detected in the show’s team. And that had consequences for Mercotte .

The Best Pastry Chef: The daughter of a famous presenter was part of the adventure
The Best Pastry Chef: The daughter of a famous presenter was part of the adventure
Last August, the production was forced to stop the filming of the Meilleur Pâtissier because a person contracted the coronavirus (ten cases were then declared). Everyone therefore had to be tested before being placed in isolation. It was not until last September that filming resumed at the Château de Groussay, in Montfort-l’Amaury. And it was done without the Mercotte jury .

The production has in fact preferred that it continue the season at home, in Savoy, so as not to endanger its health. A decision that did not really please the main interested party at the start. ” They did not want me to come back to the set , given my advanced age. I am a person at risk, even if I have the peach, ” the 73-year-old food blogger first told the airwaves. Europe 1, in Culture Médias , December 9. She was still able to participate in the show by following the events from a distance. The candidates, his sidekick Cyril Lignac and presenter Julia Vignali saw her on a giant screen.

“ At first I was a little upset , which is normal. I was frustrated because it’s a great atmosphere, it’s a real family. And it’s a shoot that is so nice to stay at home, it was not terrible, “continued Mercotte. But her optimistic nature took over and she had fun with the small team that was with her. It was a bit like a vacation.

To compensate for his absence, the production offered Julia Vignali to taste the desserts alongside Cyril Lignac. “ Usually, I just have a teaspoon, and I dig , she confides. But there, I had my own plate. I let go, especially since Mercotte is, usually, my guardrail … “, confided the companion of Kad Merad to Télé 7 jours in August.

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