The border guards showed how “explosively” met the “Wagnerites” in Soledar | VIDEO

The border guards showed how

Ukrainian border guards and soldiers of one of the mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “explosively” met the mercenaries of PMC “Wagner” in Soledar. This was reported by the press service of the State Border Guard Service.

It is noted that in early January, the border guards, together with units of one of the mechanized brigades, held back the enemy attack on Soledar.

“Our air reconnaissance discovered a group enemy infantry. The SFSU fighters reported the information to the command post of the Defense Forces and monitored enemy actions in real time. Approaching the positions of our defenders, «Wagnerians» came under a fertile crossfire. Large-caliber machine guns inflicted losses on the enemy. The defeat of the invaders in this direction was completed by an accurate artillery strike, which was also corrected by the border «bird»”, — the message says.

As noted by the State Border Guard Service, effective aerial reconnaissance is the key to success on the battlefield.

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