The Cabinet decided to send the unemployed to public works for the minimum wage

The Cabinet of Ministers decided to send the unemployed to public works for the minimum wage

Those who have not found a job within a month will be sent to work

Ukraine will be engaged in socially useful work for the minimum wage. Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced this at a government meeting.

– The government today will approve a document providing that the officially registered unemployed, who have not been employed for 30 days, will be involved in socially useful work. This may be the removal of rubble, the construction of protective structures, landscaping, repair or agricultural work. What exactly needs to be done in each particular region will be determined by the local authorities, – said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The state will pay the minimum wage for socially useful work.

– We actually eliminate the possibility when people could receive money from the state and refuse the proposed work. In wartime conditions, the state does not have the resources for this. Everyone must either fight and defend the Motherland, or work for victory and for the front,” Shmyhal said.

Status and unemployment benefits are now lost if a person is abroad for more than 30 days during martial law.


UAH 250,000 for starting a business

The Cabinet of Ministers also approved three grant funding programs. They were united under the general name “eWork”.

The first program is micro-grants up to UAH 250,000 for those who want to start a new business. Any Ukrainian with a business plan can count on state support.

– We are talking about the possibility of launching any micro-business, such as sewing clothes and shoes, dry cleaning, a service or repair center, a service station, installation work, – explained Premier

Any Ukrainian who does not work at other enterprises and does not conduct other business can become a participant in the program. To receive a grant, you will need to submit an application through the Diya portal or a branch of Oschadbank, adding a business plan to the application. Within 10 working days, experts from Oschadbank and the State Employment Center will evaluate the project, and if it meets the program criteria, the grant funds will be transferred to the account.

– Separately, I emphasize. The state provides a grant not in cash, but to a separate bank account. From this account, it will be possible to buy equipment, raw materials, tools, and pay part of the rent. But spending these funds for other purposes will not work, the bank will control the compliance of payments with the approved business plan, the head of government warned.

New entrepreneurs will be able to get a cheap loan under the 5-7-9 program in the amount of up to UAH 2.5 million

Help to create greenhouses

Two more programs of non-repayable grants concern the agrarian sector. The first is the creation of gardens and greenhouses, the size of the grant is from UAH 5 to 7 million. Program participants can be both private entrepreneurs and agricultural companies and farms that own or lease land for a period of at least 25 years.

Funds can be spent on the direct construction of the complex, the purchase of technical equipment for its work, purchase of seed and fertilizers.

– Given that the amount of the grant under this program is much higher, the principle of co-financing is being introduced. For the first thousand participants, 70% of the project cost is financed by the state, and 30% by the entrepreneur himself, – said Shmygal.

In order to receive a grant, you also need to apply through Diya or an authorized bank. The key requirement is the employment of workers and the payment of taxes.

Grants to support horticulture

The second program is grants to support horticulture, berry growing and viticulture.

– We are talking about partial compensation for the cost of gardens. The state will provide from 300 to 400 thousand hryvnia per 1 hectare of gardens. This is about 70% of the average cost of planting… As with greenhouses, grant recipients must either own land or land in use for at least 25 years. The garden project can be from 1 to 25 hectares. Funds will also be provided not in cash, but to a bank account for the transparent purchase of seedlings, equipment, irrigation systems, fertilizers, etc. – said the Prime Minister.

Foreign partners will allocate part of the funds to support business. In the near future, the government will also approve programs of non-refundable grant support in the field of processing and IT-sphere.

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