The Cello Cesis / Day festival starts on Saturday with an ambient and electronic music program

The Cello Cesis / Day festival starts on Saturday with an ambient and electronic music program

Traditionally Concert Hall Cesis begins its new season with a self – created and cherished festival Cello Cesis, and this fall the cello festival will not be missed and four concerts and other events will take place over two weekends from September 18th to September 26th.

The aim of the festival is to discover a new cello sound, versatility and repertoire of the musical instrument for its listeners, creating both classical and completely unusual programs. This year, the opening night of the festival on September 18, when the concert will take place, is dedicated to new searches Cello Cesis Ambient.

Three sets or three programs will show different music genres and directions during one evening, marking a different cello sound space each time. In a way, this concert continues to the Concert Hall Cesis permanent repertoire cycle Ambient stage.

Cello Cesis Ambient The evening will open a concert hall of this year ‘s residence artists, cellist Margarita Balanas and her ensemble – which has visited the festival several times. Margarita will play a new concert program 1920, whose concept was created in collaboration with Scottish composer Lucy Tricher (Lucie Treacher) and in it we will hear a new work Portals a premiere created specifically for Cello Cesis. Alongside, Jazz Bach-inspired French jazz composer Claude Bolling (Claude Bolling) a suite for cello and a jazz trio in which jazz intertwines with classical music. Daria Ioana Tudor (piano), Rūdolfs Dankfelds (percussion) and Oskars Bokanovs (double bass) will join the stage cellist Margarita Balanas. Composer Lucia Trichere will also take part in the concert.

Moods of minimalism, electronics and acoustic music are expected in tandem with Argentine-born Berlin-based cellist and composer Sebastian Plano and British pianist and composer Thomas Adams. The listeners got to know both musicians in Cēsis already in 2019, when they performed in solo programs in concert halls. Atmosphere stage series. The collaboration between the artists began several years ago, when Plano worked as a producer on the recording of Adams’ album. At the festival Cello Cesis the musicians’ joint project TAER will be performed. Multi-instrumental, atmospheric, intimate and lyrical – it could characterize the sound of the cello, which will be available this evening.

The evening will end with the latest concert program of the Polish composer, cellist and representative of the independent music scene Resina in cooperation with the percussion master Mateusz Rychlicki. After graduating from the Gdańsk Academy of Music, Resina chose her musical path in an alternative direction. The sound of her compositions is experimental, unpredictable and full of intense, emotionally resonant vibrations. Cello, sound loops, electronics, percussion and Resina’s vocals – all this together creates unique, saturated and electrified sounds that allow both the structure and improvisation of the composition to coexist. Resina also composed for cinema and theater, her compositions used in fashion houses Gucci a Givenchi shows as well Netflix movies The Two Popes video application. This fall Fat Cats Records also under the auspices of Resina ‘s latest album.

In the evening before the opening of the 7th International Festival of Cello Cesis, Friday, September 17, at 20.30, Concert Hall Cesis calls for an informal opening event in the hospitable art space MALA, where you will share your favorite music and the evening DJs will be Cello Cesis Ambient artists. Participation in the event is free of charge upon presentation of an interoperable Covid-19 vaccination or disease certificate.

The second performance of the festival, which is expected from September 24 to 26, will offer listeners classical values, a touch of world music, liveliness of jazz and a passion for improvisation.

Friday, September 24 Cello Cesis in concert LNSO and Dvorak cello concert classic values ​​and youth will shine. In the melodic and grandiose Cello Concerto of Antonin Dvorak, the Latvian cellist Kristaps Bergs, who has already conquered the stages of the world’s most prestigious concert halls, and the brand new Russian conductor Maksims Jemeļjaničevs, who has just begun his career, will meet. In addition to Dvorak’s music, the concert will also feature Sibelius’ Fifth Symphony. Our magnificent Latvian National Symphony Orchestra will glorify the sounds of both musical masterpieces.

On Saturday evening, September 25, the special guest of the festival will be an Italian cellist, composer and Giovanni Solima, known as an academic hooligan with a solo program. (NOT) TRADITIONALLY. He is known for creating masterpieces of classical music and rock hits with original arrangements for his instrument – the cello, programs combining baroque and hand, ethno and self-created compositions. You can also enjoy this peculiar view of Giovanni Sollima’s music at the festival’s concert in Cēsis, which will feature both Bach and Stravinsky’s compositions, Italian folk melodies and Jimi Hendrix’s hits for cello.

The closing program of the festival, on Sunday, September 26, was made in cooperation with the Latvian Radio Big Band. Two soloists will be heard in the concert – Margarita Balanas will perform the Concerto for Cello and Wind Orchestra written by the eccentric Austrian composer Friedrich Gulda in 1980,

Tickets for concerts can be purchased online, Ticket paradise outlets and Concert Halls Cesis at the box office.

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