The Coroner's Office will look into the Montreal and Laval murders

The Coroner's Office will look into the Montreal and Laval murders

This public inquiry is chaired by coroner and lawyer Géhane Kamel.

Chief Coroner Pascale Descary orders the launch of a public inquiry to shed light on the three homicides perpetrated last week in Greater Montreal and on the death of the main suspect in this case, Abdulla Shaikh.

The hearings will allow anyone of interest to express themselves concerning the circumstances of these deaths in order to analyze all the contributing factors, with a view to proposing possible solutions for better protection. of human life, his office said in a press release on Monday afternoon.

Coroner Géhane Kamel has been appointed by Me Descary to preside over this investigation. She will be assisted by a prosecutor who will be appointed shortly, it is added.

Me Kamel is a coroner emeritus, who chaired the public inquiry into some of the deaths that occurred in CHSLDs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

André Lemieux, Mohamed Belhaj and Alex Levis-Crevier were all killed last Tuesday and Wednesday before the alleged perpetrator of these murders, Abdulla Shaikh, was shot dead in a motel in the Montreal borough of Saint-Laurent on Thursday morning.< /p>

These events left no one indifferent, in particular because the suspect had a heavy criminal and mental history and was released in January 2001 from the ;establishment where he was interned.

Last Friday, Prime Minister François Legault first said he was happy that we were rid of this individual, before correcting the shot on Monday, saying instead that he was satisfied that Abdulla Shaikh had been taken out of harm's way.

More details will follow.

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