The councilor Rosolen positive at Covid, the president Fvg Fedriga in quarantine

The councilor Rosolen positive at Covid, the president Fvg Fedriga in quarantine

The councilor Rosolen positive at Covid, the president Fvg Fedriga in quarantine

TRIESTE The Councilor for Labor Alessia Rosolen and the spokesman for the president of the region Edoardo Petiziol tested positive for coronavirus, after undergoing a molecular swab. The governor Massimiliano Fedriga he is in turn in fiduciary quarantine for having been in contact with Petiziol on Saturday. In any case, Fedriga had a negative response after a first molecular test. In the regional council there are no other cases for now. This is the fourth episode of contagion within the executive of Friuli Venezia Giulia, after those that have happened to Graziano Pizzimenti, Fabio Scoccimarro e Sergio Bini.

Rosolen and Petiziol are in home isolation with mild symptoms. On Saturday, the president and his spokesperson met in person, but Fedriga is currently negative on the test. However, direct contact with an infected person will force the president of the Fvg and the Conference of Regions to preventive quarantine. We cannot speak of a cluster inside the junta, because the other councilors and all the people who came into contact with Rosolen and Petiziol in recent days have undergone negative tests. The backward tracing work is still in progress.

For some time the junta has thinned out the meetings in presence and also on Friday the governor, the councilors and the staff held the usual weekly meeting with remote connections. The decision was taken for months, after the infections of the other three councilors and the quarantine of some members of the executive during the pandemic.

The first of the councilors to test positive was the Pizzimenti Infrastructure manager, the only one to show more significant symptoms, which however did not require hospitalization. The consequences for colleagues Scoccimarro and Bini, councilors for the defense of the environment and for productive activities, respectively, were milder. In the regional political environment there have been other cases and there are three councilors forced into hospitalization due to Covid. This is the representative of the Slovenian Union Igor Gabrovec, the first to contract the infection in March last year, followed by the former group leader Pd Sergio Bolzonello and, in recent days, by the councilor of the Pact for autonomy Giampaolo Bidoli.

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