The Court’s Court Rejected Lulu Tobing’s Divorce Lawsuit, It Turns Out…

The Court’s Court Rejected Lulu Tobing’s Divorce Lawsuit, It Turns Out…


Artist and model of Batak descent, Lulu Tobing, decided to file for divorce from her husband, Bani Maulana Mulia, on 18 May, Mother. This lawsuit was filed even when the age of marriage was not even two years.

The lawsuit was filed by Lulu to the Central Jakarta Religious Court with case number 783/Pdt.G/2021/PA.JP. Lulu then entrusted the case to Sugiarto SH, M.Kn., whom he appointed as his attorney. Meanwhile, Bani entrusts Afrian Bondjol, SH as his legal representative.

Before the news of the divorce circulated in the media, Lulu had time to share signs if she wanted to separate, Mother. He even had time to upload a given photo caption about a woman who lives alone but has power.

Lulu and Bani then run several mediation sessions. There were several things that were agreed upon in this trial including Bani Maulana Mulia The person who is obliged to provide a living for Lulu during the divorce process is IDR 50 million.

Some time ago, the news of reconciliation between the two emerged. This is because Bani uploaded her wedding photo with Lulu to social media followed by the word ‘alhamdulillah’.

Seeing this, many netizens reacted that the two would reconcile and get back together. They also give the best prayers for both, Mother.

Meanwhile, the latest news about divorce Lulu Tobing and Bani came back to the surface. In fact, Lulu Tobing’s divorce suit for Bani has been officially rejected by the judges of the Central Jakarta Religious Court.

This refusal is certainly not without reason, Mother. The court rejected the lawsuit because Lulu’s excuse for separation was not proven to be true.

“Yes, based on the trial process what the plaintiff argued was not proven, so there is no reason for the panel to grant the plaintiff. It can’t be revealed, yes, that’s the point. So we can’t go into that too far,” said Jajat Sudrajat as Public Relations of the Jakarta Court The center was met at his office, Tuesday (14/9).

“The investigation into the Lulu Tobing and Bani cases has been completed. This has been the case for 13 trials so far. Their status is still husband and wife,” he continued.


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