the cutting wishes of William and Kate

the cutting wishes of William and Kate

Flora Ogilvy marries, the royal wedding of William and Harry’s cousin

The principe Harry he turned 37 on September 15: his birthday, however, is a truly bitter one, since he is once again far from his family of origin and his closest loved ones. As if that weren’t enough, even the birthday greetings from Prince William and Kate Middleton they were very dry. Cold, impersonal. And there are already those who embroider on it: according to a real expert, all this supports the thesis that the ice between them has not melted at all.

“Happy birthday, Prince Harry!”, This is the homage on Twitter that was immediately targeted by the British tabloids, who did not spare themselves in this regard, such as the Mirror and the The Sun. To accompany the wish, then, only a balloon.

In previous years, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s social media posts had been much more joyful. Of course, they were other times: happy, relaxed, without any cloud to obscure the horizon.

The storm broke out later the Harry and Meghan interview granted to Oprah Winfrey. “If nothing else, the Cambridge birthday wishes testify to how much the relationship has deteriorated over the past twelve months,” the experts write. The tensions between the two brothers therefore did not match. Have too many contrasts now led to a definitive break?

The meat on the fire is certainly not lacking. In fact, there are those who compared the photos shared in 2020 and 2021: last year, William and Kate had chosen a very happy image, in which they smiled together with Harry and challenged each other in a race. Instead, in 2021, there is no one in the picture with Harry, almost as if to distance himself. Or perhaps to emphasize that Harry is now alone, overseas, together with his wife Meghan Markle and children Archie e Lilibet.

There is now very little to do but wait. The variables are truly infinite, like the memoir book of him that will be published (and that already promises sparks). Then Harry and William should be reunited for the documentary of the BBC dedicated to the memory and life of Prince Philip. Perhaps, one day, the two brothers will be able to clarify. For the moment, there is still some underlying resentment that prevents us from regaining harmony, but above all peace.


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