The Danish restaurant Geranium crowned best restaurant in the world

The danish restaurant Geranium crowned ; best establishment in the world

Danish chef Rasmus Kofoed climbed a place in the leaderboard to reach the top.

Danish establishment Geranium, led by chef Rasmus Kofoed in Copenhagen, was crowned “World's Best Restaurant 2022” on Monday evening in London on the 20th anniversary of the influential “50 Best Restaurants” ranking, which has this year again shunned the French chefs.

The Peruvian restaurant Central, in Lima, comes second in this ranking of the 50 best restaurants in the world established by the British magazine specialized Restaurant< /em>, the most coveted of the world gastronomy. Two Spanish tables follow, the Barcelona establishment Disfrutar (3rd) and the Madrid-based Diverxo (4th).

This is the second consecutive year that a Danish restaurant has been crowned. Geranium, second in last year's 50 Best, succeeds Noma.

Inspired by nature, its chef Rasmus Kofoed won the Bocuse d'or in 2011, and his establishment was awarded the country's first three Michelin stars in 2016.

Colombian Leonor Espinosa also received the prize for the best female chef in the world, succeeding Peruvian Pía León. His restaurant Leo, in Bogota, ranks 48th.

Like last year, only three French restaurants, all Parisian, were honored in the list of 50: Septime, by Bertrand Grébaud, which moved up two places to settle in 22nd place, Le Clarence by Christophe Pelé , a newcomer (28th), and Arpège by Alain Passard, relegated to 31st position (-8 places).

Located in 41st place in 2021, Alléno Paris at the Pavillon Ledoyen, by Yannick Alléno, fell to 58th place. The second part of the 100 best, unveiled upstream at the beginning of July, honored a total of five tricolor tables, including the Marseillaise AM by Alexandre Mazzia, awarded him the Chef to follow award.

50 Best has been awarded since 2002 by 1,080 independent experts (chefs, specialist journalists, restaurant owners, etc.) who rate their experiences over the past 18 months under the aegis of the group's Restaurant magazine. British press William Reed.

Divided into 27 regions of the world, with 40 voters each, they can vote for 10 restaurants, including at least 3 outside their region.

The ceremony, originally scheduled to be held in Moscow, was moved to London in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February. No Russian table was on the list, as the organizers had announced in March.

The legitimacy of this ranking, sponsored by several brands, is regularly contested, in particular by French chefs who accuse it of complacency and opacity. In response, its critics, French, but also Japanese and American, launched in 2015 La liste, a ranking of 1000 tables around the world.

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